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Disclosure and Transparency Mechanisms

Accurate disclosure is a key feature of following up Full Connect venture’s activities and assessing its performance, since it contributes to improving the understanding of the shareholders, investors and the public, in terms of Full Connect Venture’s structures and activities, as well as the policies applied by the Company. Accurate disclosure is also an important factor in attracting capitals due to its impact on investors’ behaviors. As it increases their levels of confidence and security in all aspects related to the activities of the company and financial statements, with a view to enable the shareholders to obtain the required information transparently and fairly, as well as to follow the regulations of the Capital Markets Authority

Corporate Governance

Full Connect ventures  Board of Directors has a structure that commensurate with the size and nature of its activities, as well as the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the Board. Upon the inception of that Board, a number of factors has been taken into consideration: the diversity of practical and professional expertise and specialized skills and that the members should have knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, the rights and duties of the Board of Directors, as well as full understanding of company’s activities and risks to its financial position.

FCV the performance of the Company objectively and neutrally, separate from the executive management and shareholders, with a view to ensure objectivity and accountability in the process of strategic decision-making and daily operational management.

This strategy helps to achieve the best protection and balance between the interests of the company management and those of its shareholders and other stakeholders. The main objective of applying FCV rules of governance is to ensure that the Company works in line with the objectives of the shareholders, thus enhancing the investors’ confidence in the efficiency of the Company and its ability to cope with crises.

FCV’s governance structure regulates its decision-making methodology and stimulates the values of transparency and credibility of those decisions. Among FCV’s key objectives is to protect its shareholders and segregate the powers of the executive management, which runs the Company’s business, and the Board of Directors, which prepares and reviews its plans and policies, thus providing reassurance and confidence in our business and enabling our shareholders and stakeholders to effectively monitor the performance of the Company.

Costumer Service

For Compliant kindly visit our Customer Service Unit in Offshore Incorporations Limited of P.O. BOX 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Kindly download FCV Official Client Form. The request shall be delivered in one of the following means:

By hand to the customer service at the company.

By mail P.O. BOX 957, Offshore Incorporations Centre, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Phone Number: 1-888-335-5851

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financial professionals

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